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Precautions for correct connection of PE pipe

Vaxt: 2022-05-10 Oxunub: 15

1.PE pipe fittings should be installed with special heating tools according to different interface forms, and open flame is not allowed to heat the fittings.  

2. The pipe end should be clean when connecting the pipe, and the pipe mouth should be temporarily blocked at the end of each work to prevent sundries from entering the pipe.  

3. After each connection is completed, the appearance quality should be inspected, and those that do not meet the requirements should be cut and reworked.  

4. When connecting in cold weather (below -5c) and strong wind environment, protective measures should be taken or construction technology should be adjusted.  

5. The pipes and fittings should be connected at the construction site for a certain time to ensure that the temperature of the pipes and fittings is consistent.  

6. Before connecting PE pipe fittings, check the pipe and auxiliary equipment of PE pipe fittings according to the design requirements, and check the appearance on the construction site before using PE pipe fittings.  The main inspection items include pressure grade, external surface quality, matching quality, consistency of village quality, etc.  

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